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Working Title

The working title for my second book "Connor's Clone." However, I have no idea at this time if that will be the title. It may change. If I keep Connor's Clone, then it seems to me that the third book in the series would also have a "Connor" title - but I'm not there yet.

First Blog

This is my first Blog. I stink when it comes to social media. I'm only doing this because my web designer said that I needed to write something about me to interest you in my book. That seems silly. My book is nothing like me. Thank goodness. It is more interesting and fun. Currently, I'm on page 54 out of 400 plus pages of my last round of editing. To tell the truth, my mind is more on getting the book done for you to read than writing anything here about me. Nice talking to you - I wish everyone a Happy Happy Holiday - Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah - enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. - My web designer will probably have me write another blog next week before Jan 1,

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