Brad Johnson

The protagonist Brad Johnson is 28 years old, married to a woman he met in high school.  They have a three-year old son, Dane.  Brad attended MIT with his wife and her brother, Connor N’Klaftin. After they graduated from college, they returned to their hometown in Arkansas to start an IT Security company. Brad’s personal interests outside of his family and work include piloting airplanes and fishing.

Shinny Johnson

Shinny Johnson moved from New York to Arkansas with her brother, Connor N’Klaftin, after their parents died in car accident before their freshman year of high school. Smart and studious, Shinny had always been a loner who kept close company with her brother before she married Brad.  Her personal interests include martial arts and creating useful tools.

Connor N'Klaftin

Connor N’Klaftin the leader of a their trio that started in high school and continued through college. After college, he convinced his sister and best friend to return to Arkansas to start his an IT security company. He married Nanlinen Quananx, who he met in Boston. They have three-year-old twins, Benjamin and Sarah.  His interests outside of his family focused on work and a secret project.

Admiral Velslun Griken

Admiral Velslun Griken a junior Admiral in the Council of Interplanetary Governors or CIG’s Fleet has been sent to Earth, a primitive planet to recall two Fleet Officers: Fleet’s former Fleet Admiral and his bodyguard.

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Ferklopgresfk Nan Dowelstergak

What's this item about? WhFerklopgresfk Nan Dowelstergak an alien primate known as Neslin nicknamed Fernando, who has befriended makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Wesgwidy the leader of the Neslin colony on the Aneplé Battle Cruiser Kisskalu.

Commander Plity Nerunder

Commander Plity Nerunder head of the Kisskalu’s physical security.

Lieutenant Perque Swetinny

Lieutenant Perque Swetinny, Commander Nerunder’s deputy.

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