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The Milkyway and Beyond

It's taken me over a year to realize that I need to engage my readers. This website has been around, but I've been a poor attendant. So I'm going to try and blog once or twice a week, write about things in my book, science fiction, current events and try to be engaging and funny. BTW if you are reading this, I do want to hear from you. I want to hear your ideas, opinions and anything else you want to share with others.

First the picture. The picture is friend's a relative who lives in Florida. To me, this picture captures how my protagonist, Brad Johnson, would react after seeing a UFO on a lake in his boat. I also believe the night sky captures all of our dreams of life beyond Earth. - Ok, not so funny. I'll have to give it more thought. But you are welcomed to add a byline - nothing crass please.

Where am I in book 2 - Word wise, I might be at the 1/2 point. I definitely need to put more time into it and less in work. - From here on, I'm going to stick to a 40 hour a week. Its not like I get paid more for more hours either.

Next blog I'll address why my aliens are not reptilian. Until then enjoy your days.